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Friday, 9 September 2011

Drug Store Truck Driving Man

I need to go out.

The electric bill is overdue and the red letter has arrived. I need to go to the doctors too. In fact, I need to see a doctor more than I need to pay the electric.

But I'm too scared to go out.

My next door neighbour wants to fight me. He's a drug-store truck-driving man and wants to kick the shit out of (perhaps kill) the benefit scrounging scum his tax pays for.

One must never equate anything with the nazis..

Kaliya Franklin wrote yesterday of how
”The Welfare Reform Bill is not to be equated with Nazism, nor is it in any way appropriate to suggest the actions of any British politician are similar to those of the Nazis.”
The second however, is crap

 I'll grant K the first part; the second however, is crap and is called out as such, in the comment from Socrates

Volksgenosse, das ist auch Dein Geld!
“What is the qualitative difference between “Volksgenosse, das ist auch Dein Geld!”  and the recent headlines in the Daily Express and the behaviour of the Government ministers behind them?... 
Your assertion of 'no equivalence' is realpolitik sitting in the middle of the M1 waiting for the inevitable.”
The terrorism of the Sturmabteilung

What is the difference in the terrorism of the Sturmabteilung and the behaviour of the יוק that makes my life so frightening? For me there is no practical difference - the hostility is state-sanctioned and deliberate, the police unsympathetic and as likely to join in the fun as defend the victims.

Things have got worse

Today Scope releases the results of its quarterly survey of the views of the disabled, their parents and carers and they say

66% of disabled people say
Four months later, the survey suggests things have got worse:. 47% said people’s attitudes towards them have got worse over the past year. 66% of disabled people say that they have experienced aggression, hostility or name calling...
Government ministers are deliberately defaming people like me to make their benefit cuts easier to implement.

The newspapers trumpet their filth 

The newspapers trumpet their filth and as a result people like my next door neighbour are more likely to harass and assault people like me.

Iain Duncan Smith Dr. Walter Groß said recently in the 1930's
We recall the days of delirium, when millions of unemployed had been thrown on the street by a sick political and economic system, made superfluous.
A single person pried the tracks apart and derailed a train in the middle of the night. Within a minute he murdered 30 innocent people who had never done anything to him, and stole their money.
And what did the world of yesterday say? “He can’t help himself. He is a victim of circumstances. He has Beethoven’s hands and an artistic temperament. We need not put him on the gallows or in prison to protect us and our children.
One must NEVER equate anything with the Nazis. Ever. Period.
No, this poor Schlesinger is only sick because of his environment. Put him in a modern sanitarium, give him what he needs: radio, a library, a smoking salon, a language teacher, a pastor, a newspaper room, give him everything he needs to put him in touch with better things.
In a few years, this mass murderer of 30 people will leave as an ideal human being, so pure and innocent that one can put him in charge of a kindergarten.”
That’s what people thought in the past. Today that seems a bad joke to us, a crazy fantasy, but a few years ago it was government policy in Germany...

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