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Thursday, 8 September 2011

Disability Hate Crime Rises

There's a surprise.

With Government ministers secretly briefing against the sick and disabled, on the streets we are getting the hidings, to go with the removal of our benefits and community care, self-respect and security.

Fuck you all. I'm glad I'm a burden on you. You'd only spend the money you'd save on Special Brew so you'd be brave enough to burn downour houses.

Police say that disability hate crime is still under reported.

Personally I'm too scared to talk to them again, given what happened last time someone shot me with an air-rifle and I stupidly dialled 999.

I also stupidly called the housing association about my neighbours. For some reason I am now even more scared to go out now.

Perhaps something to do with the other next door neighbour whom is now taking up cudgels on behalf of the first.

Sort of tag team arrangement. So they can either drive you to your death with a large measure of plausible deniability.


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