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Hello, I'm George...
I'm 44 and have autism, epilepsy/conversional hysteria and potpourri of other diagnoses. I live in the Beautiful South, distressingly close to David Cameron, and my social care comes from the local Learning Disability Partnership.

It's just I don't give a flying fuck 

I have to warn you, I swear a lot because I'm told, “George usually doesn't sense the social opprobrium that results from his inappropriate behaviour”. I do; it's just I don't give a flying fuck (if you'll excuse my français).

A kindly, but batty, posh lady with a PhD

I first became a crip when I was about 3 years old when apparently I stopped talking. My first doctor was a kindly, but batty, posh lady with a PhD, whom I saw regularly for the next 15 years.

I went to 2 different Special Schools and 1 sort-of-normal boarding school. Twice I've been in council childrens' homes when my mother couldn't cope with me. Once when my Mum asked them to look after me for a while, the social workers wouldn't let me go home and tried to have me adopted.

Clue: I'm not a girl.
It was because Mum is a crip too - she had polio when she was 15 and almost died. She's been in a wheelchair ever since...

Mummy looking forward to the next 60-odd years as a crip...
64 years a crip and still dreams she's the school sports captain (which she was), on her way to getting an Olympic medal, when she's grown up...

Mummy in the middle caught in her E&J Wheelchair at school
My disturbed and disruptive behaviour meant I only did about 4 years in total at school... The rest of the time either I had home tutors or nothing at all.

I'm usually too scared to go out on my own

These days I'm still confined to the house - I'm usually too scared to go out on my own, and when the nice lady from the LDP is being nice, she sends two people around to go out with me. They stop me hurting myself or anyone else, or more usually just run away and get the police to take me home.

Sometimes combine them with the funny noises

I suffer from severe anxiety that makes me rock, and make weird noises. Sometimes I talk to myself without realising I'm doing it. Sometimes my eyes start rolling and I fall over and pass out. Sometimes I busy myself making strange movements and gestures and facial expression - even sometimes combine them with the funny noises.

You're the one who is actually the paedo or the rapist

Yes, I'm a proper bona fide looney... The sort of guy you cross the road to avoid and dread sitting next to on the train. That's OK though, because I know you're the one who is actually the paedo or the rapist and even if you're not, I still think you are full of shit - because life has taught me that you almost certainly are...

Easier to spell than Erbgesundheitsgerichte

I called this blog Aktion T4 because it's easier to spell than Erbgesundheitsgerichte - the name of the Nazi's genetic courts which decided if people like me would be allowed to live, have children or would be killed.

Of course, unless you are a crip or the relative of a crip, you think that sort of thing doesn't go on today, because you are almost certainly, as I've said before, full of shit.

to be continued... ...

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