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Wednesday, 7 September 2011

A Post A Day

A post a day even if it kills me...

Carer day again today. I didn't let them in. Partly extreme anxiety from the demands of interacting with them, partly down to the fact that I need a fuckin' doctor to visit me not a fuckin' care worker.

I need a fuckin' doctor not a fuckin' care worker

I explained this to them in writing, 4 days ago. It obviously hasn't worked its way through their administrative system. You would've though an incoherent mong screaming down the 'phone “I need a fuckin' doctor” twice, and following it up with 2 emails would've produced something other than someone turning up to ask me what I want.

Ho fuckin' hum.

Anyway the Atos Healthscare Killer Fish has teamed-up with medical recruiting agency sjb to scrape the bottom of the nursing barrel for killer de-benfitization nurses:

It's 9 to 5, money and private medical care - why should I give a fuck?
Meanwhile Professor Harrington tasked with pretending to help reform the Governments new Work Capability De-benefitization Assessment, has told critics “to be patient” as they beg for relief from their misery. Cunt.

Some of us can give as good as we get...

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