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Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Scary Story - Going to the Shops

Paedo, grass or nonce?
I had to go out today on my own.

Actually, I needed to go out about three days ago, but I was too scared.

All the cigarette and joint butts

I've noticed it usually takes about this long before I can work-up the courage. After two or three days, I've smoked all the cigarette and joint butts; creatively whipped-up a culinary masterpiece from the last of the 14 month old potato powder and 2 year old vegetable Oxo cube...

But often times it's the dogs running out of food that drives me out of the house. Over the years I've learned what human food they find palatable, and can often delay the inevitable for a day or two, when I just happen to have something in the cupboard to buy them off with.

£5.65 is not the kind of money I have

Anyway, getting back to the point, I'd run out of tobacco and I had a library book to take back. The book is well overdue and I've no spare money to pay the fine. £5.65 is not the kind of money I have to splash around because I was too fuckin' scared to go out to the library when I needed to. That'd keep me in cigarettes for a week.

There are a lot of reasons why going out is so difficult. So many that if I was to list and explain them all here, you'd end up with my whole life story. Possibly even my death - but we'll save that for later.

Hiding in the bushes in the field

The first reason why going out is so difficult is The Neighbours. I've included a picture of two of them. I took a very serious risk taking this picture, that is a risk to my personal safety. You see, I caught this man about a year ago, hiding in the bushes in the field that backs onto my back garden.

He had a large video camera and was filming me through my living room window. I've got a video camera too. I bought it second hand for £50. But I don't use it to make pornography or film the neighbours so the whole family can sit round and watch me doing my mad-man routine. I do stuff like this:

He's done other stuff too, like drive his car at me on a country road; sometimes if he sees me when he's driving by, him and his family just stop in the middle of the road and just sit there, pointing at me, talking about me and laughing at me.

I think I'm going to end-up being killed

Sometimes when he's with friends and he sees me out and about, he points me out to them and starts talking about me - then they often start having a go at me, when they see me out and about.

I've said to my care manager a couple of times that I think I'm going to end-up being killed. I'm not sure she really believes me or is even interested.

The old woman who left broken glass

And him and his family are just one of The Neighbours. There's the woman that conned me out of £250. The other family that left dog-shit on my doorstep, and a day later a letter suggesting I'd be better off living somewhere else.

Then there's the other couple who posted a poison pen-letter through my door - pretending to be the local farmer and the old woman who left broken glass where I walk my dogs... I could go on and on... And I will...

Welcome to Aktion T4.

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