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Wednesday, 24 August 2011

ATOS Macht Frei

Atos Healthcare are today magnanimously negotiating with the owners of the CarerWatch forum, with a view to formulating an arrangement that will silence criticism of their work for the DWP, on the forum, once and for all.

Other blogs, websites and forums are already cowed and refusing to do anything that may incur the wrath of ATOS's chief boot-boy, James Loughrey.

The ease at which the sick and disabled can be whipped into submission and compliance, by a multi-billion pound company is shocking.
“Oh, I'm sorry - I got a bit scared when the lawyer called and gave in”
What all campaigners need to realise that this is a battle for our lives:

as a result of the work of ATOS and the DWP.

There is a very big difference between "libellous material" and a lawyer's claim of "libellous material". A lawyer claiming "false and malicious allegations" is substantively different to "false and malicious allegations".

This is the most shameless and callous examples of corporate bullying I've seen since the McLibel trial.

This is not a time for negotiation and capitulation:

This is a time to stand-up and be counted.


  1. I have one thing to say to the ATOS boot boy


  2. Oh yeah... Together we cannot be beaten. But not all of us are going to live to see the victory.

  3. Its easy to go to bed , its easy to sleep but when you wake up the same people are in power . Its not a time to be quiet its a time to do what makes us all uncomfortable with ourselves. To object. To demonstrate. To deny our fear to rebel. How? We need the biggest demonstration ever organized in this country.

  4. We do and as the cuts bites, people will get angrier and the government is likely to become even more oppressive. This situation is likely to very fraught indeed...